Building a lambing shed for Nancy – Entry #220

Nancy’s new lambing shed Abraham Nancy and her new addition Here on the ranch certain [...]

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New Arrivals at Timber Butte #219

Max the cat makes a new friend We woke up this morning to two new twin lambs but one had his umbilical [...]

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A Saddle shop in the Barn – Entry #210

A saddle shop and a place to dream "Monday's" last pack trip My [...]

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Freedom in the barnyard – A picture of the way things are meant to be – Entry # 209

Ducks quake in jubilation and horses buck and snort gleefully running into an open pasture Freedom is an attribute of the health [...]

Our new buddy named “Bandit” – Entry #202

Introducing Buddy / Bandit We weren’t looking for a new horse until we heard Tiara, a friend from church speak of her [...]

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Newcomers to Timber Butte Homestead – Entry #195

Tasty or Yummy ... I can't remember who's who. The two new lambs are terrorizing the horses & mule [...]

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Simple satisfaction – Entry #176

On the top of Timber Butte It’s been a late Fall here at the base [...]

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The life and times of our horse named Monday – Entry #146

Our daughter Katie works with Monday - 1981 Brook claimed her to be his own - [...]

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A simple pleasure – Entry #109

Sometimes life gets so busy that it’s easy to forget to take time for simple pleasures.  Ever since [...]

The power of one horse power – Entry # 96

It’s hard to explain why, but there is something really satisfying about using horses in harness. Few folks use horses any [...]

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