Tasty or Yummy … I can’t remember who’s who.

The two new lambs are terrorizing the horses & mule

The new ducklings always seem famished

The growing community of farmyard friends both domestic and wild continues to develop here at Timber Butte Homestead.  As May heads towards June and the vegetable garden is showing signs of new growth as it enters the fourth season of productivity. Even the barnyard critters have increased in variety and population.  Not only that, but as the shade trees we first planted have started to mature they too have attracted nesting birds of all kinds who now call Timber Butte their summer home.
The mornings are filled with the songs of Meadowlarks, Robins and Mourning Doves and the evening skies are alive with the acrobatic movements of Barn Swallows, Humming birds and birds of prey.  Even the majestic Bald Eagle that frequented our hills last year has again returned to thin down the prolific ground squirrel population.

Added to the barn yard community are two new yearling Angus steers named “#24” and “#25” also known as Yummy and Tasty.  As I mentioned before, Nancy has increased the ranch feed bill with her rapidly growing flock of ducks who always seem famished. In addition to that we acquired two new little lambs, yet to be named who have held Lily our little Golden labs attention day and night.  Even the horses have been mesmerized by their recent arrival to the point of ignoring their evening bucket of grain.  The silence that once characterized the solitude at Timber Butte has now been broken with the harmonies of bleating sheep, mooing cows, clucking chickens, quacking ducks, snorting horses and a lone braying mule.