Introduction – A choice for a road less traveled

Simplicity is a dream worthy of pursuit, but one difficult to achieve in a world rapidly moving towards technology and social complexities of every kind.  How often have I threatened to discard my cell phone only to catch myself answering it while riding a horse alone in the solitude of the mountains? How often am I lured by momentary hunger pangs by fast foods, knowing it’s not only a detriment for my body but my mental well being? How often will I turn to the television and social media for information and direction instead of God’s quiet whispers found only in stillness and meditation? Simplicity is a personal choice for a road less traveled. It is a life option, but one requiring discipline, sacrifice and tenacity; yet one that instills peace of heart and mind. The pursuit of a simplified life is an upside-down venture. It is a unique journey where one must discover that less equals more and giving has greater merit than taking.

Simplicity is a path to sustainability and although it demands a smaller footprint, it can empower a much larger handprint. Your footprint is your damaging impact on the resources of the earth, while your hand print is your effectiveness on humanity.  Your hand print is your legacy; it’s what you will leave behind to your children and grandchildren and society in general.  It’s your mark – a mark based on integrity, thoughtfulness, kindness, compassion and choices. Simplicity is more than an ideal or a nostalgic thought but a concept achievable only by deliberate choice and strategy. It begins when we can answer a question with conviction and honesty.  The question seems simple at first glance, but for truth to prevail it will require a time of deep and sincere soul searching. It’s the first step…

The question will be asked in our next entry  “Step one – Answering the question”

This series, “Steps to a more sustainable/simplified life” will be continued in a series of posts which will appear here on Timber Butte Homestead’s blog site. Please stay tuned.