Chili-dinner-resize1For the last two years Nancy and I have been blessed by an annual visit from the Romeos. The Romeos (an acronym for Retired Old Men Eating Out) are a group of guys from the church who started to meet for breakfast once a week. All of them shared the common denominators of not only being retired, but also a passion to use their free time and skills to serve the Lord.  Because of their like hearts they developed a fellowship that both grew in meaningful relationship and served a wonderful purpose.  They realized that within their group there was a vast diversity of skill sets learned from years of past life experience.  None of them were ready to sit in a rocking chair (at least not every day of the week) but found that with a little organization they could band together and do a lot of good.  That organization came through the original promoter of their group, Peter Grier.

The Romeo’s meet once a week for breakfast both for the joy of being together and to discuss various projects they might be able to do.  Often they are found helping single moms or widows who are in desperate need of a handyman. Other times they serve around the church. I’ve recently learned that they will be serving tables at our woman’s Christmas Tea, a large event that blesses up to 300 women each year.

I don’t know why they volunteer to help me get ready for winter every fall, but I don’t ask any questions. I only know I love to see them show up. Every fall it seems like there are a dozen jobs Nancy and I are urgent to finish before the first snow falls at Timber Butte. The last two years they have stacked our firewood, fixed fencing, prepared the barn for the animals to take winter shelter and have even done some specialty jobs like doing electrical wiring. This year they helped me get a sprinkler system in the ground and set it up on timers so that I’ll be able to plant grass in the early spring.

I know they like to bless me because I’m their pastor, but mostly I think they come for the big pot of chili Nancy prepares for them. After all they are the Romeo’s – (Retired – Old – Men – Eating – Out)

Reggie, John, Peter & Steve stack firewood

Ken doing electrical wiring

Morris runs the trencher

Erv prepares for pipe