I don’t know what I was thinking last spring when I was planting the garden rows, but I went a little overboard on the cucumbers.  It didn’t seem like an over kill at first, but come August there were cucumbers everywhere, and they are growing like weeds. I worked hard helping get everything in the ground, but when things started to grow Nancy became the main vegetable gardener.  She has spent hours caring for it day after day and now I think it is probably the most productive garden we have ever grown.

This past week she had to figure out what to do with the over abundance of cucumbers and went on line for an easy dill pickle canning recipe knowing that she didn’t want to mess with the old mason crock.   Anyway, it was her first canning project of the year and the finished product was really beautiful. Here is the link to her recipe for all who are interested:  http://allrecipes.com/Recipe-Tools/Print/Recipe.aspx?RecipeID=35704&servings=64