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1302, 2020

Building a Lasting Heritage in a World Unraveling

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Our world has entered a season of increasing upheaval, conflict and crises and as I ponder the uncertainty of our future I conclude there are priorities I must pursue if I desire to build a [...]

2412, 2019

An Oregon Trail Wagon – Another stroke on the canvas of Timber Butte

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Not long ago a good friend of mine gave me a call asking if I knew where he could purchase an old wagon wheel. He knows me well and figured if anyone knew where to [...]

1912, 2019

Nancy’s Garden Chicken Moat

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Growing a thriving garden in the country is always a challenge when all around there are so many adversaries wanting to help themselves to its produce.  That has always been true here at Timber Butte. [...]

203, 2019

Prayer Chapel – Part 3 – “A Thin Place”

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Discovering “A Thin Place” There is an old Celtic saying, “Heaven and earth are only feet apart, but in those thin places the distance is smaller yet”. The Celts believed that a “thin place” is [...]

2302, 2019

Chapel at Timber Butte – Part 2 – A labor of love

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A labor of love... Building a foundation on the Chief Cornerstone The day Nancy and I went up the hill to stake out the location of the chapels future foundation we came upon [...]