Tri and I are so enjoying our first Spring here on Timber Butte.  The hills look like Ireland right now everything is so green.  We are amazed at the amount of birds that have found us considering we haven’t planted anything yet for them to nest or take shelter in.   We have been surprised and have loved watching all the hummingbirds that have been coming to visit.  Other than a couple of oak barrels I’ve planted with flowers and  two red hanging geraniums nothing else drew them that we could see.  We had an empty hummingbird feeder that I put up outside my kitchen window and they made it quite clear to us that we needed to fill it.  Now, between the flowers and the feeder they seem quite satisfied.  The other day Tri and I were sitting on our porch and a hummingbird flew up to me and got real close to the red T-shirt I was wearing.   He stayed there for quite awhile looking me over before concluding I wasn’t edible.  Tri says I am sweet but evidentially I wasn’t sweet enough for that little fella.  When we leave the garage door open they often fly in and can’t figure out how to get out.  They fly over to the window and both Tri and I have been able to gently catch them.   They trustingly land on our fingers allowing us to escort them to freedom. They have seemed so timid I honestly didn’t think they would allow such a thing.    I have always seen these little creatures as fearless and courageous, yet at the same time extremely sensitive.  I have a new admiration for these tiny birds that beat their wings 80 times per second and whose heart beats at a rate of 1260 times a minute. It’s easy to take things in nature for granted until you spend just a little time to observe and discover their magnificent wonder.