Passing on a healthy Vineyard

Having served as the founding pastors ofVineyard Christian Fellowship Boise for the past twenty three years has given Nancy and I a rich sense of reward. As we now let go of our Senior pastoral roles to enter yet a new phase and season of ministry we can’t help but look back at all the Lord has done with deep gratitude and thanksgiving. We give thanks first to the merciful hand of the Lord and also to all the wonderful people who had dedicated so much of their lives to see a vision to build a vibrant life giving church come to pass. It was always our intention to build a fruit bearing church that could one day be handed off to the next generation. It was our dream from the beginning that all the many years of laboring in that Vineyard; the plowing, seeding, weeding, pruning and watering would end in harvest. It was our dream that the Vineyard would grow to maturity and eventually bear an abundance of fruit. That it would be a Vineyard where the next generation could not only enjoy the fruits of our labors, but take it yet to a greater level of fruitfulness.

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