The ”Super Moon” rising in March 2011

As the large round orb rose out of the clouds in the southern sky I couldn’t help but think about all the unusual events that have recently taken place throughout the world. I recalled the increase in the occurrence of earthquakes, both in frequency and intensity from Haiti to Chile, China to New Zealand, and Japan to Thailand. All have happened within a year’s time and some with devastating tsunamis that accompanied them. I considered the global climatic changes, the massive floods and hurricanes that ravaged the west coast of Australia and the drought that disrupted the eastern regions of that country. I thought about the record cold temperatures with substantial snowfall and flooding in parts of the United States. And in the midst of this, the U.S. Government is promising to bring military troops home from the Middle East while entering yet a third conflict there.

I pondered the unrest throughout the Middle East and how it might ultimately impact growing demands for remaining global energy sources. Being in this state of mind I couldn’t help but consider how fragile our planet has become as it struggles to feed and provide fresh water to a growing human population of 1.8 billion people, especially considering that over half of them now exist on less than two dollars day.