In response to so many asking about our planting calendar (see entry #62) Tri suggested that I should put the answer into a posted entry.  So here goes.

I was inspired to put together our calendar from an article I read in the Sunday newspaper (The Idaho Statesman).  The article was full of good information on what and when to plant here in our area.

It so happened that I had already purchased our seeds for this year’s garden having ordered heirloom seeds online last fall.  (Heirloom seeds reproduce themselves year after year vs. hybrid seeds that are good for only one growing season.)

I organized all the seeds based on when it was recommended that they go in the ground.   It has turned out to be not only a planting schedule, but also an organizational garden journal.  Timber Butte is quite a bit higher in elevation than places that we have previously lived here in Idaho and because of it the climate is more severe and the growing season is later.  Last year’s garden (which was our first attempt in this location) was okay but now that we are better situated we are shooting for a more productive year.  I will also be journaling how each vegetable did.  To be honest it has been a different experience for us to have such an organized game plan. In the past our garden has been more by guess and by golly.  Anyway, I highlight the days we got the seeds in the ground and where each one is planted in the garden plot.  So far we have planted our peas, onions, lettuce, potatoes and spinach.  We need to wait for warmer days before we do any more because the weather has been so unpredictable.  Local folks around here say you shouldn’t plant until the snow has melted off of the surrounding mountain peaks – that may be a while yet. It’s still a bit rough but I think we’ll value the information for future gardens.

I hope this helps answer a few questions. Bless you – Nancy