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Walking the Fence Line – Contemplation for the time we live

Building and maintaining the fences here on the side of Timber Butte have always been one of my preferred pastimes. Walking the fence line has [...]

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Building a permanent deep-pit BBQ

Jacob, our pet sheep, oversees Aaron's preparation of the BBQed lamb There’s nothing like a deep-pit BBQ when you’re cooking for a bunch [...]

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A New Cellar for Meat & Wine – Finishing Touches

Jacob and Lily examine the finished project From the beginning it had been our goal to have the new cellar finished in [...]

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A New Cellar for Meat & Wine – Part 3 – “Many hands make for light work”

Brook, Tri & Daniel prepare to build the log roof structure After the hole had been dug for the new cellar the [...]

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Root Cellar Construction – Part 2 – Getting started

The kitchen cellar at Timber Butte Homestead I’ve built three root-cellars over the past forty-five years. The first one I hand dug [...]

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A Cellar for Meat and Wine – Part 1

A New cellar for Timber Butte Our farmstead here on Timber Butte has continued to mature since its conception ten years ago. [...]

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Four Seasons for Mom

Mom's last year on the ranch Before I tell our story of bringing my 92 year old mother who had advanced dementia [...]

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Farm-steading in the 21st century

Nancy & Tri walking the land where their farmstead would one day be In trying to define our vision for the development [...]

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