Rooster soup – Entry #184

The rooster that drew the long straw Nancy did the rest Anyone who has tried [...]

Elliot’s Turkey – Entry #138

Elliot's kitchen I have heard of deep frying turkeys but up until this Thanksgiving I had [...]

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Old Friends make the best sauce – Entry #131

Whenever Tri has to travel I often have two very dear old friends offer to stay with me [...]

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A grand Jack-O-lantern carving party – Entry #126

What do you do with a root cellar full of pumpkins? I guess there are a lot of things that could be done such as [...]

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Chive biscuits – Entry #125

After the shock of the first fall freeze nearly everything in the garden withered into mounds of brown [...]

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From the garden to the pantry – Cucumbers to pickles – Entry # 108

I don’t know what I was thinking last spring when I was planting the garden rows, but I went a little overboard on [...]

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Entry #24 – Esther, Eloise & the smell of fresh baked bread

Fresh baked bread from Eloise Eloise's oven held a steady 350 degrees We woke up on New Year’s morning to four inches [...]

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