Elk on the Butte this morning

Elk on the Butte The last week of rain has been a welcome blessing after such a long, cold, dry winter here [...]

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Freedom in the barnyard – A picture of the way things are meant to be – Entry # 209

Ducks quake in jubilation and horses buck and snort gleefully running into an open pasture Freedom is an attribute of the health [...]

Recapturing the Biblical Mandate for Creation Care – Entry #195

Contemplating the issue of creation care in 2005 A rainbow in our east pasture reminded me of the covenant [...]

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Maintaining hearts of tranquility in times of global turmoil – Entry 192

The ”Super Moon” rising in March 2011 As the large round orb rose out of the clouds in [...]

Living off the land or living with it? – Entry #188

A hungry coyote checks out the chicken run A young buck helps himself to a newly [...]

Reality of a changing climate and a changing world – Entry #169

Our scarecrow shivered during the end of May New potatoes peeking through fresh snow Blossoms on [...]

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All of Creation is Groaning – Entry #168

One morning recently I casually passed by the television as Nancy my wife was cooking breakfast. She had the Today Show on [...]

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“It’s all going to burn anyway” – or will it? – Entry #154

Isaiah 61:3 "...He will give beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning, praise instead of despair." Three years [...]

Two ideas for winterizing indoor plumbing – Entry #143

Improvised trap drain valve As I have previously mentioned I’ve lately been converting a storage room in [...]

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A world in crisis & God’s heart for his church – Entry #110

My plane landed late that evening in Nicaragua and after clearing customs was immediately comforted as I recognized my old friends’ crazy smiling faces through [...]

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