A house for all seasons – Entry #145

House at Timber Butte Our old cabin on Liebre Mountain For the first twenty years [...]

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Defending against the threat of dry lighting – Entry #107

Our insurance agent of twenty years sat at our kitchen table helping [...]

Entry #41 – Sustainable energy – Not a new thought

Even though Nancy and I lived for the first fourteen years of our married life without being hooked up to a [...]

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Entry #36 – Virtues of a wood burning stove

The warmth of the fire drew our family together In a day when the topic of sustainability is moving towards the forefront [...]

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Entry #32 – Solar hot water – Some things we have learned

Solar hot water panel facing south As I shared in my last entry, Nancy and I decided to incorporate a solar hot [...]

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Entry #31 – The price of becoming energy free

Using the wind & sun It was always our intention to build a home that was both energy efficient and somewhat independent [...]

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