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Our new buddy named “Bandit” – Entry #202

Introducing Buddy / Bandit We weren’t looking for a new horse until we heard Tiara, a friend from church speak of her [...]

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A bountiful beautiful garden – Entry #201

This year’s garden at Timber Butte has been maybe the best in Robinson horticulture history.  The raised beds were a great addition, but having a [...]

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Maintaining hearts of tranquility in times of global turmoil – Entry 192

The ”Super Moon” rising in March 2011 As the large round orb rose out of the clouds in [...]

Ramblings on another changing season – Entry #189

Nancy cooked in the open fireplace Nancy cooked in the open fireplace Nancy cooked in the [...]

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Living off the land or living with it? – Entry #188

A hungry coyote checks out the chicken run A young buck helps himself to a newly [...]

Rooster soup – Entry #184

The rooster that drew the long straw Nancy did the rest Anyone who has tried [...]

Baby – it really feels cold outside! – Entry #181

After a week of repeating snow storms the clouds have once again been driven out by a welcomed high pressure system turning the sky to [...]

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The testimony of a changing season – Entry #180

Like so much of our nation Idaho has experienced the sudden and profound shock of [...]

By |December 24th, 2010|Country Living Reflections|0 Comments

Urgency for the harvest – Entry #178

Friends and family to the rescue It’s a known fact that being connected to the land is an [...]

By |November 16th, 2010|Agriculture, Country Living Reflections|0 Comments

The second annual pumpkin carving party- A decreed tradition – Entry #177

At what point does a decree become official by which a repeating event becomes a tradition?  I frankly don’t know, [...]

By |November 9th, 2010|Country Living Reflections|0 Comments
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