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Root cellar upgrades & improvements – Entry #127

Exterior & interior doors Mold formed on canning jar caps The six inch vent pipe In December of [...]

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Meet the R.O.M.E.O.’s – Retired-Old–Men-Eating–Out

For the last two years Nancy and I have been blessed by an annual visit from the Romeos. The Romeos (an acronym for Retired Old [...]

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Building a log framed porch – Entry #123

A couple of weeks ago my son Brook and I were pondering the front entrance of our family cabin.  Brook was saying that it looked [...]

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Creative longings of the heart – Entry #122

I’ve resisted writing about our latest projects here at Timber  Butte because up until now most everything we’ve done [...]

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Defending against the threat of dry lighting – Entry #107

Our insurance agent of twenty years sat at our kitchen table helping [...]

Vision of a vineyard – Entry #106

Have you ever started to build something without a plan or even an idea of what you were constructing [...]

Kate’s one day chicken coop – Entry #95

For a long time our daughter Kate has wanted to raise a few laying hens in her back yard.  Up until last week she’s [...]

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Building pine-pole gates – Entry #94

Gates of any kind are expensive, and in most cases don’t have a lot of character – especially if [...]

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Building a top rail fence – Entry #85

Toprail and three stands of barbless wire My favorite kind of fencing is a top rail fence because [...]

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Building a Hay Shed – Lessons I’ve learned – Entry #81

After stacking hay from last summer’s haying season it didn’t take long to realize how beneficial it [...]

By |May 12th, 2009|Building Projects|0 Comments
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