Urgency for the harvest – Entry #178

Friends and family to the rescue It’s a known fact that being connected to the land is an [...]

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A rooster gone bad – Entry #172

Theodore during his adolescence Even Lily fears Theodore Theodore learns not to mess [...]

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Here is an idea to help organize your garden tools – Entry #170

"A" - 1/2 inch foundation bolt "B"- Bolts anchored in 2X12 plank I think everyone [...]

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Reality of a changing climate and a changing world – Entry #169

Our scarecrow shivered during the end of May New potatoes peeking through fresh snow Blossoms on [...]

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Constructing an all weather garden sink – Entry #165

Sink framework & concrete mesh Rand helps me set in the sink Troweling [...]

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Meet Daisy, Lazy & Hazy or is Nancy just a little Crazy? – Entry #164

Mad-Max meets Daisy, or is it Lazy Every time I turn around these days Nancy [...]

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Being “Rooted in Good Soil” for the sake of going deep & wide – Entry #163

Our new book now released by Baker Book Publishing Last week Baker Books officially released Rooted in Good Soil, a [...]

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What I’ve learned about building a vineyard trellis – Entry #161

Fencing ratchets can be tightened at any time to maintain tight wires Holes [...]

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Planting a vineyard – Entry #160

The five hour drive to Inland Desert Nursery was worth the effort Our friend Sally from [...]

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Chive biscuits – Entry #125

After the shock of the first fall freeze nearly everything in the garden withered into mounds of brown [...]

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