A New Cellar for Meat & Wine – Finishing Touches

Jacob and Lily examine the finished project From the beginning it had been our goal to have the new cellar finished in [...]

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Rattlesnake and Nancy’s Blackberry Crisp – Entry #223

Rattlesnake in the berrypatch Nancy’s crisp for lunch The Blackberries were prolific in the garden this year and [...]

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The payoff of preparation for another growing season – Entry #221

Timber Butte Garden after the pre-work is done Jacob, the bummer lamb helps Nancy seed the onion bed [...]

Building a lambing shed for Nancy – Entry #220

Nancy’s new lambing shed Abraham Nancy and her new addition Here on the ranch certain [...]

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Constructing concrete fence posts – Part 2 – Entry #215

I learned by trial and error (mainly error) how rich to mix my cement so the posts wouldn’t crack [...]

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Constructing concrete fence posts – Part 1 – Entry #214

Concrete fence posts protecting our vineyard at Timber Butte Fence posts made by my great-grandfather surrounded the old family [...]

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The Miracle of time – Entry #213

Nancy was weeding in the vineyard What a difference a little time can make in the development of any small farmstead; both [...]

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Freedom in the barnyard – A picture of the way things are meant to be – Entry # 209

Ducks quake in jubilation and horses buck and snort gleefully running into an open pasture Freedom is an attribute of the health [...]

The Mittleider irrigation system – a great discovery – Entry #208

The "Mittleider Method" of irrigation at work Drilling over 4000 tiny holes took time and patience [...]

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Participating in God’s rhythms and seasons – Entry #207

The first day of spring Broadcasting seed between the storms March 20th marked the March equinox and the [...]

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