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An anniversary we will always remember – Entry #115

Lightening strike on Timber Butte The hail miraculously pounded the flames for five minutes [...]

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Passing It On…Tend the garden – tend your soul – Entry #113

Maybe times are changing, or maybe it’s just me that’s changing.  It [...]

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Sunflowers – More than a pretty face – Entry #112

Nancy hangs Sunflowers in the barn to dry Nancy has always liked to grow sunflowers in our vegetable gardens.   For a [...]

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Scarecrow in the Pumpkin Patch – Entry #111

Recently Nancy and I were flying back from a family wedding in [...]

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A world in crisis & God’s heart for his church – Entry #110

My plane landed late that evening in Nicaragua and after clearing customs was immediately comforted as I recognized my old friends’ crazy smiling faces through [...]

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A simple pleasure – Entry #109

Sometimes life gets so busy that it’s easy to forget to take time for simple pleasures.  Ever since [...]

From the garden to the pantry – Cucumbers to pickles – Entry # 108

I don’t know what I was thinking last spring when I was planting the garden rows, but I went a little overboard on [...]

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Defending against the threat of dry lighting – Entry #107

Our insurance agent of twenty years sat at our kitchen table helping [...]

Vision of a vineyard – Entry #106

Have you ever started to build something without a plan or even an idea of what you were constructing [...]

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