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Harvest moon – A time to rejoice – Entry #105

“I know that nothing is better for men than to rejoice, and [...]

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Chickens to the rescue – Entry #104

Last week I was gone on a ministry trip to Nicaragua for several days. I flew in late at night and Nancy [...]

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Fighting the invasion of noxious weeds – Entry #103

Looks can sometimes be deceiving Things aren’t always what they seem. The road up to Timber Butte is often [...]

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‘Better late than never’ Strawberries – Entry #102

The weather has finally decided to act like summer and the days have turned hot from early morning until late in the evening.  Having such [...]

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Restoration of a forgotten farm tool – Entry #101

Last week my friend Duncan dropped by with some parts he had [...]

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An orchard irrigation drip system worth checking out – Entry #100

Gluing flag drippers to 1/2 inch PVC caps The staked reservoir can with liquid fertilizer Using [...]

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Everyone has been called to the harvest – Entry #99

Knowing how to grow a healthy bumper crop for harvest on a plot of land isn’t so much a matter of science as it is [...]

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Mowing hay is a bit like life – Entry #98

Me and Duncan restoring my antique mower It was my first evening of mowing hay and things weren’t going well [...]

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The Harvest was Ripe – Entry #97

King Solomon once wrote; “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.  A time to be born and a time [...]

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