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The power of one horse power – Entry # 96

It’s hard to explain why, but there is something really satisfying about using horses in harness. Few folks use horses any [...]

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Kate’s one day chicken coop – Entry #95

For a long time our daughter Kate has wanted to raise a few laying hens in her back yard.  Up until last week she’s [...]

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Building pine-pole gates – Entry #94

Gates of any kind are expensive, and in most cases don’t have a lot of character – especially if [...]

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A Video You Must Watch – Entry #93

This is a short promotional video we created to invite people to our RE:FORM Conference in September that’s powerful.

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The invasion of the Hummingbirds – Entry #92

Tri and I are so enjoying our first Spring here on Timber Butte.  The hills look like Ireland right [...]

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Our new mystery friend – Entry #91

I need your help solving a mystery.  Last Friday I was driving home from town after work and [...]

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Running on empty – Entry #90

Over ten years ago I bought my first real tractor.  It wasn’t much to look at, but it was a bona fide Allis Chalmers 1952 [...]

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A drip irrigation improvisation for your garden- Entry #89

This past week I planted twenty hills of melons and squash and Nancy transplanted a 50-foot row of heirloom tomatoes she had [...]

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Reusing household grey water – Entry #88

Irrigating the orchard with grey water Cliff turns the grey water valve under the house Lid covering the 500 gal. grey water [...]

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