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A conversation with the UPS man – Entry #87

We had a new UPS driver today deliver a package that I had ordered.   As I was walking up to his truck I noticed him [...]

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Organic chickens in eight weeks- Entry #86

Eight weeks ago Nancy called me from a feed store in Weiser, Idaho asking me what I thought about her purchasing a [...]

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Building a top rail fence – Entry #85

Toprail and three stands of barbless wire My favorite kind of fencing is a top rail fence because [...]

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Three reasons to use timed drip systems in your vegetable garden – Entry #84

Over the years we have put in dozens of vegetable gardens but it has only [...]

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Shocking truths about the use of electric fencing – Entry #83

I have never put too much faith in electric stock fencing. It didn’t seem logical that a small wire pulsating a [...]

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A Call to Action – Entry #82

This video is my response to the pursuit of a sustainable world and a church that could rise to the crises before us.  It’s my hope [...]

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Building a Hay Shed – Lessons I’ve learned – Entry #81

After stacking hay from last summer’s haying season it didn’t take long to realize how beneficial it [...]

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Entry #80 – The Promise – A covenant between God and his creation

As Nancy and I arrived home from church a week ago Sunday, Lily our little Golden Lab was nowhere to be seen.  This worried us [...]

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Entry #79 – Three Pillars of Sustainability and the Fall of a Nation

Hope plants a tree with her greatgrandparents Last weekend we had a family gathering at our ranch and my parents, now in [...]

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Entry #78 – Excerpt from “The Good Soil” – Chapter Four

I’ve set aside today to sit at my computer and write chapter four of  the book I’m working on called the “Good Soil”.  The book [...]

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