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Entry #76 – Memories of Homemade Fun

When I was a young boy my parents sent me each summer on a Grey Hound Bus to my [...]

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Entry #75 – Brook’s $60 homemade composter

Inside view - note inside flange Outside flange, 6" nipple & 4X4 post A couple of weeks [...]

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Entry #74 – Country Grown Kids

Sometimes I think my dad and I have a little Inca blood in us.  We both love building rock [...]

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Entry #72 – Commissioned to Conserve

See Tri’s article featured this week on the cover of Rick Warren’s new on line magizine - Purpose Driven Connecion. By : Erin Jones [...]

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Entry #71 – The Lost art of outhouse construction

Before I begin my blow by blow account on the fine art of outhouse construction I [...]

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Entry #70 – Bill Meeker & the Community of “Garden O’ Feedin”

Bill Meeker - A legend in his own time Inside the greenhouse Preparation for another season Transfering [...]

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Entry #69 – Panic Survival vs. Sustainable Lifestyle :: What’s Your Worldview?

I have been thinking a lot lately about how differently people are reacting to the hard times our nation is facing. Our public is being [...]

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Entry #68 – Smoke ‘em if You Got ‘em

I don’t know why it is, but it seems that whenever I am learning something new it is generally a stressful experience. When we decided to bail hay for the [...]

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Entry #67 – The sustainable nature of God – Pondering the miracle of Easter

Easter is about resurrection. It’s about death turning into life again; new beginnings and fresh starts.  I was sitting in my study early this morning [...]

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Entry #66 – Heirloom vs. hybrid seed – Should we care?

Hybrid seed has become the norm since 1951 Nancy and I have mentioned [...]

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