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Entry #61 – Constructing free-stacked mortar-less rock walls

Sometimes I think my dad and I have a little Inca blood in us.  We both love building rock retaining walls and between the two [...]

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Entry #60 – Homesteading now & then – Sustainability when it was a necessary way of life

I love American history, especially when it comes to the development of the west.  I know the story of Lewis and Clark in detail and [...]

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Entry #59 – The chickens have finally come home to roost

One of my goals for this past winter has been to complete our new chicken coop before the end of March. [...]

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Entry #58 – ‘Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without’

Last Sunday the Idaho Statesman printed a story by Chris Butler on their front page highlighting people who lived through the Great Depression.  It was [...]

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Entry #57 – Sunday’s lesson – A horse in harness

Using Sunday to snake out firewood in 1975 Nancy & Hope riding Sunday when she was in her 30's [...]

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Entry #56 – A Sustainable vision for a sustainable life

Tri & Nancy with old dog Blue - 1970 Tri & Nancy @ Timber Butte 2009 Nancy & Brook [...]

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Entry #55 – The Biblical mandate for Christian involvement in an unsustainable world in crisis

Nancy loving kids in Zambia, Africa What I am about to state seems indisputably clear to me as a Bible believing and Bible [...]

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Entry #54 – How I learned to build Chicken Coops like Fort Knox

Kate on her horse Rebecca Today I have completed the fifth and final chicken coop of [...]

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Entry #53 – Vineyard College of Mission @ Timber Butte

Students built 300 feet of fence in two hours A sustainable life is purpose driven The [...]

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Entry #52 – Explaining the vision of RE:FORM

After folks go through our new DVD series based on the book ‘Small Footprint, Big Handprint’ they are not only challenged to [...]

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