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Entry #49 – Building a pole barn

I’ve built three pole barns in my life and every one I have said would be my last.  This time I mean it – the [...]

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Entry #48 – Discovering the Creator in the midst of creation

Raising your children in the isolation and solitude of a remote family farmstead had advantages and challenges. Living [...]

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Entry #47 – What then shall we do?

Volunteer works in church community garden Canning the summer garden in preparation for winter Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe - click [...]

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Entry #46 – Our commission to care for creation

Man and Creation from Vineyard Boise on Vimeo.

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Entry #45 – The gift to create

Rand Thompson helps build the new chicken coop One of the greatest gifts, other than life itself, is the gift [...]

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Entry #44 – A sustainable bride – My Valentine’s story

Nancy on our first date in 1969 My 1944 J3 Cub on Hubler Field 20 years later at the same tree [...]

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Entry #43 – Dusty – Sustainability through suffering

One day in 1998 my friend Merrill Cutler called me and announced that he had found the horse I’d been looking for.  My old saddle [...]

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Entry #42 – Touching the past / the reality of the future

Driving my team down a quiet country road gives me a certain peace Every now and then I hitch up a [...]

Entry #41 – Sustainable energy – Not a new thought

Even though Nancy and I lived for the first fourteen years of our married life without being hooked up to a [...]

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Entry #40 – Stacking Dutch Ovens

For those of us who are married and feel compelled to live more sustainable lifestyles, we know that having [...]

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